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Complete the sentence with one suitable word:




  1. My friend can speak five : English, Hungarian, French, Russian and German
  2. are you so tired? Because I work too much and sleep too little.
  3. I'm pleased meet you, Mr Chicago.
  4. A Wartburg is more expensive than a Trabant. A Trabant is than a Wartburg.
  5. Waiter! A mineral and a beer, please.
  6. What would you like for ? Some cornflakes, a toast, coffee and orange juice, please.
  7. How often do you lose things? Oh, don't ask me, I my car key and all my documents yesterday.
  8. In July I was in Italy and my brothers in Spain. They ate a lot of paella.
  9. Did she to the cinema yesterday with you?
  10. isn't anybody in that room. It's empty.
  11. Tim was a letter to his sister when she called him on the phone.
  12. go out for a walk now: just you and me.
  13. Would you like buy the tickets now?
  14. How much a beer cost in this restaurant?
  15. Fejezd be a szót - használd a megfelelo igealakot! Az elso betút megadtuk.
    Finish the word - use the correct form.

  16. I have never an automatic car.
  17. We back to London by British Airways a week later.
  18. The athletes were very fast.
  19. I last a bicycle when I was a kid.
  20. Do you like elegant clothes?
  21. The postman this letter 10 minutes ago.
  22. Have you your headache pill yet?
  23. Írd be azt az angol szót, amelyik a mondatból hiányzik: EGY szót írj minden helyre - aposztrófot használhatsz.
    Complete the sentence with one suitable word:

  24. is good to see you.
  25. Have you seen any good films year?
  26. we were tired we didn't go to bed. We stayed up and watched videos.
  27. Computers are made plastic and metal.
  28. (Tom:) What the house you bought like? (Jim:) Oh, it's simply marvellous!
  29. The letter will sent tomorrow.
  30. I have to eat it, but I did. And I liked it.
  31. He would come in if you away. So go now.
  32. We have driving for 2 hours now.
  33. If I were you I believe him. He is always right.
  34. I would have asked him if I met him. But I didn't.
  35. Then Tom asked me what the time .
  36. the time we got there, most of the guests had left.
  37. I'll call you as as I finish.
  38. He was very silly. He to have asked a doctor about it.
  39. Call me when you typed it.
  40. I haven't got any what to say.
  41. I they were here now - I miss them so much. They are my best friends.

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